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Bike Tech is better than eHarmony and because They helped me finally find true love in my shiny new Cannondale road bike.    – Cynthia M.

Bike Tech on Coral Way is an excellent mid-to-high-end bicycle store.  This is the place to find Scott, Specialized, Niner, and extreme high-end Cannondale bicycles and framesets that you’ve gazed at with envy during your Key Biscayne rides.       -Naveed K.

At Bike Tech you get the same fantastic service whether you are spending $5,000 or $5.  That is the key to a great business.  They would not let me buy the bike until it was a perfect match for me. Highly recommend!    -Kimberly T.

Excellent bike shop! Service is amazing and their product variety is pretty wide.     -Jose A.

Where do i begin? The 29 inch wheels rock! A total game changer. The suspension, the lightness. It climbs so well. I had the best time with this bike and I actually rode fast! One dude called me a bullet! That would have never happened before. It was amazing, it is really the perfect bike for me!  -Hildy

We’ve bought 3 Specialized RockHoppers from Bike Tech. We are thrilled with the bikes. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.

-Miguel C.